North Texas 
78 rpm Collectors

North Texas 78 rpm Collectors was an informal, online community designed to enable 78 rpm record collectors and enthusiasts in the Dallas/Fort Worth - North Texas area to meet and interact with one another through an online message board hosted on this website.   

Unfortunately, the message board did not really take off - primarily because I did not have the time to adequately promote the site so as to generate the posting volume that is necessary in order to make it worth people's worthwhile to regularly check the board.    Since the message board came under heavy assault by spammers, I have decided to take it down.

I do hope, at some point, to revive the message board - this time with a focus that will include 78 rpm record collectors from all parts of Texas and perhaps surrounding states as well. 

In the meanwhile,  you are invited to participate in my Radio Dismuke Message Board where vintage recordings from the early 1900s decades are discussed by participants from all over the world. 

If you are a 78 rpm record collector in the Texas area and would like to be notified when this site becomes active again, feel free to drop me a line at   Please include something along the lines of "old records" in the subject header so I don't mistake your email for spam and not read it. 

 - Dismuke



Selected Links of Interest

Online 78 RPM Era Music
While nothing can replace the pleasure of listening to vintage music in its original format on good equipment, thanks to the Internet it is no longer necessary to have a record collection and specialized playback equipment to enjoy the wonderful music and entertainment of the early 1900s.  Here are a few places where one can enjoy 78 rpm era music without winding a crank or having to change and flip records.

   Radio Dismuke  24 hour Internet radio station devoted to 1920s & 1930s pop and jazz with an emphasis on the 1925 - 1935 decade

Weimar Rundfunk   24 hour Internet radio station featuring 1920s - 1940s European popular music and jazz. 

The Big Broadcast - WFUV-FM New York    Four hour weekly radio broadcast hosted by Rich Conaty playing classic pop and jazz from the 1920s & 1930s.  The broadcast can be heard live on the WFUV website Sunday evenings from 7:00 PM - 11 PM Dallas/Fort Worth time.   Past episodes can be accessed 24 hours a day on the program's archive page.

Elite Syncopations Radio   24 hour Internet radio station devoted to classic and novelty ragtime music.

Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine    Features streaming Real Audio files of 78 rpm records from 1900 - 1940.  The "Hit of the Week" section is updated each Thursday. 

Glen Richards' Hot-Dance & Vintage Jazz Pages   Features mp3 files of 1920s & 1930s 78 rpm recordings

The Red Hot Jazz Archive  Large site with many Real Audio recordings of both famous and obscure pre-1930s era jazz bands.

Jack Hylton Official Webpage   Information and a very large music download section devoted to one of Britain's best dance bands.

Where To Buy 78 RPM Records & Equipment

Nauck's Vintage Records   Based in Spring, Texas, Kurt Nauck is a highly reputable dealer who runs what is probably  the world's largest auction  for vintage cylinder and 78 rpm records.   His website also features audio equipment and a Resource Catalog of books and reference material of interest to 78 rpm collectors

Matt's Ebay Auctions  Matt is a Fort Worth native attending grad school at Texas A&M University.  Matt has been collecting 78 rpms records since he was about 6 years old and frequently puts his more desirable duplicates up for sale on ebay. 

KAB Audio Acoustics   Excellent place to purchase specialty styli, cartridges, turntables and other audio equipment.  KAB developed and sells the Souvenir VSP audio restoration unit which works in real time and does an OUTSTANDING job at making your 78 rpm records sound as good as possible. 

 Other Organizations Of Interest

ARSC Texas Chapter    The local 78 rpm record collectors' group in Houston.  Affiliated with the Association For Recorded Sound Collections which has members worldwide. 

VRPS - Vintage Radio & Phonograph Society    Local club based in Irving, Texas.   While the club tends to focus mostly on old radios, one can occasionally find phonographs for sale at their members-only auctions.   If you have an interest in vintage radios, this group is highly recommended.   The club sponsors a number of activities including vintage radio restoration classes, monthly swap meets, semi-annual auctions, a yearly convention and an informative newsletter.  The semi-annual members only auctions are a great place to pick up really nice vintage radios at very low prices. 

Other Online Resources

Online 78 RPM Discographical Project   Listings by catalog number of most of the important American 78 rpm record labels.  An invaluable resource for any 78 rpm collector. 

78-L  Discussion group with large worldwide membership devoted to music and recordings of the pre-LP era.  A lot of very knowledgeable individuals regularly post to the group. 

78-C  Sister group to 78-L, this group is reserved for "commercial" postings pertaining to the buying and selling of vintage recordings and related material. 

Additional Links

Tyrone's Record & Phonograph Links    Features dozens of links of interest to record and phonograph collectors and vintage music fans.